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Course Objectives and Description

A primary goal of this class is to introduce students to advanced topics in operating systems. We will augment operating system technologies from the course text book with topical research issues with special emphasis on energy and mobility issues. We will read and evaluate research papers selected from the literature. The students will be asked to evaluate a research paper as the basis for further discussion. Class participation is fundamental for productive discussions.

Course Organization

During the first half of the course, we will follow the text book (to provide the necessary background to read research publications). During the second half, the students will be asked to evaluate research papers as the basis for further discussion in the next lecture. Class participation is fundamental for productive discussions.

The students are also expected to work on a significant course project. This will be an opportunity to explore research ideas that interests them (a list of project ideas will also be provided). The goal of the project is to produce conference quality publications. However, because of the limited time available, a project with good research potential (aim high) is preferred over a system that just works . The projects will be evaluated based on the demonstration of the lessons learnt, as well as on the coherent presentation of the results; in context with other research. The key to a successful class project is ensuring that some aspect of the work is complete (it is hard to grade a project where nothing quite works). It is expected that successful projects, with further polishing work, will lead to a thesis and/or conference submissions.

At the end of the semester, we will organize a public mini symposium. The student groups will present their experiences with the research project in this symposium. They will also submit a 10 page research report. Students will provide feedback on the different project presentations. Best paper and best presentation awards will be selected from these feedbacks.

Course text

We will read research papers to supplement the course text.
Systems programming and an undergraduate operating systems course. The course includes a significant course project; background in programming is necessary.

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